These FOIA requests do not require a lot of explanation, they are what they are…they are not in chronological order.

Request for Termination Documents:
FOIA Response:
FOIA Acceptance:
Position Description Request:
Statement of Reasons Request:
Employee Medical Standards and Medical Clearance Requirements:
Reasons for Being Place on Administrative Leave:
Request for Information (RFI) on the CIA’s **Special Activities Staff (SAS):
RFI on FOIA Delays:
Response to My RFI on SAS:
RFI on CIA’s Forced Medication and Psychiatric Treatment Policies/Regulations:
RFI For Names of All Contractors who Requested My Security Clearance Be Transferred and Denials of these Requests by the Office of Security:
Request for Performance Appraisal for Field TradeCraft Course I a.k.a. NCS 101:
Media Contact Regulations Request:
FOIA Acceptance:
**According to former CIA Chief Polygrapher (I have no respect for polygraph “science but I will quote the author anyways. The Polygraph is the biggest racket ever pulled on the U.S. Government) on page 54 of his book entitled, “Gatekeeper Memoirs of a CIA Polygraph Examiner” the Office of Security’s (OS) Special Activities Division (now SAS) was referred to as OS’s Green Berets.” The excerpt continues, “SAD had to bail Agency people out of jail when they got go into trouble. SAD people also conducted many of the more sensitive investigations of Agency people.” I will expound on SAS and the “sensitive” investigations it apparently conducted of me during my termination from the Agency in a later posting. Similar to the National Clandestine Service the SAS employs Case Officers (C/O) and I was handled officially by one of their C/O’s throughout my termination process. I do not know whether SAS’s C/Os receive the same training or if they train side by side with their NCS colleagues. I found their trade-craft skills to be mediocre at best and knowledge of technological advances since the mid to late 90s non-existent.

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