Central Intelligence Agency Letter Received after I withdrew 2006 Application

I withdrew my application to CIA in October 2006 and received this letter from an HR chief. In 2006, CIA’s National Clandestine Service Recruitment Process moved exceptionally slow and I decided to give DIA a try, I had met some good mentors, and was enthusiastic about starting my DIA career. I dropped out of CIA’s recruitment process, unfortunately, I reapplied and was accepted in 2008. I entered on duty at CIA on July 5, 2009. CIA still has an exceptionally slow recruitment process which is exaggerated by the intrusive Full-Scope Polygraph and invasive Medical requirements.

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Recommended Reading List

This is a list of recommended books authored by (Former?) US Army Colonel Conlon and distributed to my DIA Tomorrow’s Intelligence Professionals Class (TIP). TIP introduces new DIA employees to the Intelligence Community and provides a basic foundation in the intelligence discipline and DIA structure. Col Conlon was facilitator for my group, he was an outstanding facilitator. I have not read many of the books on Col Conlon’s list. DIA’s Joint Military Intelligence Center had many outstanding instructors.

Defense Intelligence Agency Weapons Card

Before deploying to Iraq, I was weapons certified by the DIA. I was certified on the M9 and M4, my weapons card only has M9 listed for whatever reason, I’m not sure, doesn’t matter. The United States Government found me fit to carry a loaded weapon overseas in Iraq, less than 2 years later, CIA shrinks found me unfit for duty due to “psychological conditions.”