Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Psychiatrist Dr. Gary L. Litovitz Report on Me Part II

February 2, 2010 I requested CIA Psychiatrist Gary L. Litovtiz, MD, send me a full and complete copy of all medical records in his possession, including but not limited to information he submitted to CIA regarding my medical clearance/suitability for work, and the health benefit claim he submitted to Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Federal Employees Program regarding my visit to his office on December 7, 2009.  In response to my request, Dr. Litovitz sent the following documents:

1.  Report Dr. Litovitz submitted to CIA’s Office of Medical Services (File 1) 

2.  Dr. Litovitz’s handwritten (File 2)

3. Dr. Litovitz’s Envelope and Letter responding to my request for Medical Records

4. Revocation of Dr. Litovitz’s Authorization to Share my Private Information with US Government

File 2 includes Dr. Litovitz’s “Temporary Notes for Dictation”, “Telephone Notes” from his conversation with CIA Headquarters based psychiatrist Dr. Mary E. Newman, M.D. Dr. Newman was previously licensed to practice medicine in Ohio, her her medical license expired this year and was not renewed according to records on file with the Ohio Board of Medicine.  This file also includes the insurance forms Dr. Litovitz submitted to Blue Cross and Blue Shield diagnosing me as suffering from Psychotic Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Recommended Reading list

Applicants to the CIA’s National Clandestine Service (NCS) received CIA’s Recommended reading list as they progress through the recruitment process. CIA recruiters often give applicants the names of 1 or 2 recommended books before the phone interview. Applicants who successfully pass CIA’s initial phone interview receive CIA’s Recommended Reading list along with other documents, prior to attending a CIA information session, held at various hotels throughout the country. NCS recruiters expect applicants to be familiar with CIA’s mission, know the name of CIA’s Director and demonstrate an interest in foreign affairs. NSC recruiters will ask applicants to discuss word events throughout NCS’s interview and recruitment process. I remember an NCS recruiter asking me what intelligence activity was unique to CIA, the answer was Covert Action. CIA is the only government agency authorized to conduct covert operations abroad with the approval of the President of the United States. During my employment at DIA, DIA’s Directorate of HUMINT (I considered transferring to DIA’s HUMINT Directorate) emphasized they did not conduct Covert Activities. CIA also conducts Special Activities, which I will describe in a later blog posting about CIA’s Special Activities Staff. I was handled by a Case Officer from CIA’s Special Activities staff during my termination process from CIA.

My Private Doctors Deemed Unqualified by Central Intelligence Agency

CIA’s Office of Medical Services, Office of Security, Special Activities Staff, Personnel Evaluation Board and Employee Appeals Panel deemed my doctors unqualified and rejected their assessments of my health condition, ability for work, and fitness for duty.

Here is a complete list of my doctors and the approximate time I have been (or was) seeing them.
1. Julia Frank, M.D., Psychiatrist ~ 2 years
2. Jean Gearon, Ph.D., Psychologist ~ 1 year plus (last visit Fall 2011)
3. Ruben Cintron, M.D. , Neurologist ~ 2+ years
4. Catherine Pipan, M.D., Primary Care Physician (Post Car Accident) ~2+ years
5. Vanessa Peyton, M.D., Primary Care Physician (Pre Car Accident) ~2+ years
None of my doctors reported or diagnosed me as having Psychosis Not Otherwise Specified before or following my car accident. CIA staff, including the most senior levels of CIA leadership ignored my doctors’ assessments, terminated my employment and security clearance for “psychological conditions.”

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Voice Mail Recordings

These files include recordings of voice mails left by my former CIA Case Officer Ms. Sheila Hall, CIA Office of Medical Services Chief of Daily Operations Dr. Sally Ann Urbanczyk, PhD and CIA Psychiatrist Dr. Mary Elizabeth Newman, M.D.

CIA Staff subjected me to repeated harassing phone calls throughout my termination process. When I did not answer, CIA Staff left voice mails. I purchased a Sony IC voice recorder to make a record of CIA voice mails for future reference. CIA staff called me many more times than this sample of voice mails indicate. CIA placed me on administrative leave, thus I was often available to answer my cell phone when CIA called.
The first file is a static file, test I made on Sony IC voice recorder. Click on highlighted file, download to your computer and play with audio player on your computer. Comment or contact me if you have any issues accessing files.