Personnel Evaluation Board Decision

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These are the OFFICIAL documents from the CIA’s Personnel Evaluation Board on me!!! They reveal CIA’s premeditated, methodical, and systematic deprivation of a citizen’s civil liberties in the name of national security!! If they would do this to me, what else are they out there doing??? These documents were view by the highest levels of CIA staff who approved them for use at the TOP SECRET PEB (the accused is not allowed to attend these secret sessions where senior CIA Staff make judgments about their fate) session on me in the Spring of 2010. There was no due process, no opportunity for me to face my accusers, nothing that we grew up being told was true during our indoctrination in the United States of America School system. The Constitution does not apply if you work for a U.S. Intelligence Agency. I would have never believed it if it hadn’t happened to me. How are we any different from the Chinese or Russians?

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