Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Security Briefing

Intelligence Community employees are required to be briefed on various security protocols, at DIA we were required to be briefed on properly handling and securing NATO information. Most IC briefings are simple, employee reads applicable memo and signs name indicating they understand said memo. I signed several documents during my employment with the IC at DIA and CIA.

Below is an authentic NATO security briefing. I was briefed on NATO upon my Entry on Duty at DIA, October 30, 2006. I was read off NATO when I terminated my employment at DIA to transfer to CIA.

My Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Iraq Deployment Orders

I received my Request and Authorization for TDY Travel of DoD Personnel before my Iraq deployment in November 2007. Central Intelligence Agency Office of Medical Services, Security Center Staffs, and CIA Clandestine Service Trainees Class 26 and Professional Trainees Class 19 questioned whether I indeed deployed to Iraq. In part, questions about my professional background led to my imprisonment by CIA personnel at CIA’s Secret Psychiatric Prison, Dominion Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia and my eventual termination from CIA employment.

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Recommended Reading List

This is a list of recommended books authored by (Former?) US Army Colonel Conlon and distributed to my DIA Tomorrow’s Intelligence Professionals Class (TIP). TIP introduces new DIA employees to the Intelligence Community and provides a basic foundation in the intelligence discipline and DIA structure. Col Conlon was facilitator for my group, he was an outstanding facilitator. I have not read many of the books on Col Conlon’s list. DIA’s Joint Military Intelligence Center had many outstanding instructors.