EXCLUSIVE!!! CIA Secret Psychiatric Facilities in Northern, Virginia

In late October 2009 to early November 2009 I was imprisoned at one of the CIA’s Covert Psychiatric Prisons located in Northern, Virginia, after a former coworker expressed his “concerns” over my behavior. Prior to my imprisonment by the CIA, I was detained by their Office of Medical Services and subjected to urine and blood tests, neurological testing and asked personal questions about my family’s psychiatric history. The CIA did this all in the name of security without any probable cause and relying on a single source (the former coworker) before taking this action against me. While I was being interrogated by the CIA’s psychiatrist, I was informed she could not prescribe medication and therefore requested I follow up with my Primary Care Physician and said she wanted to see me again the following morning. She also referred to a Dr. Litovitz (his name is a state secret) as someone she may refer me to since she could not prescribe medication. She sent me home early and said she would contact my supervisor. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident on my way home (I will not elaborate due to legal concerns) and following my accident was imprisoned at the Secret CIA psychiatric prison in Northern Virginia. The staff at the hospital informed me that ambassadors, etc. had been previously treated at this secret facility and traveled there for R&R. My parents were told the same thing when they came to get me released from this CIA facility. My attending physician, Dr. Roth (name is a state secret) attempted to place me on anti-psychotic medication (Risperdal) and said he had access to my accident report and had a computer that received updates from the police. Mr. R (a CIA psychiatrist) told me he was cleared and I could tell him anything. This was the beginning of continuing campaign by the CIA (officially between October 2009 and September 2010 when I was terminated by the CIA’s Employee Appeals Panel) to drug me with antipsychotics and when I refused, the CIA terminated me for under intelligence community directive 704 for “psychological conditions.”