How to Get Information From The CIA

I have filed numerous Freedom of Information (FOIA) Requests with the CIA to obtain information regarding their Agency Regulations (AR), especially those ARs applicable to my specific situation. I have also filed FOIA requests regarding specific documents directly related to my case as well as Privacy Act Requests for all CIA files indexed to my name.

See the CIA’s FOIA and Privacy Act websites for further information on these processes and consider filing a Privacy Act request in your own name to see determine if the CIA’s domestic spying extends to you and your personal life.
FOIA Hotline: 703-613-1287
Look for exclusive links to my FOIA and Privacy Act requests in my next post.
Do not expect a timely response to your inquires to the FOIA/Privacy Act Offices. The bureaucracy moves at its own pace=SLOW! There is no sense of urgency among Government Bureaucrats and the CIA’s Bureaucrats are among the worst I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. Yes, the CIA says it is an elite organization and given their layers of bureaucracy, I suppose it is elite in its own unique way.
Try not to anger the bureaucrats, if you do, they will not respond and CIA bureaucrats are not, I repeat they are NOT governed by U.S. law. The FOIA may require they respond in a certain amount of time but they will not. Yes, this process will try your patience and require an inhuman amount of persistence and follow through but in the end, you will at least know you tried and gave a lazy bureaucrat a little more to do on any given day. That, in and of itself, will leave you with a sense of satisfaction. In your own way, you have made the bureaucrats work a little harder for their outsized paychecks, even if all they do is shuffle and file your paperwork and ignore you. We are the taxpayers and they do work for us after all.