What the CIA Considers Unqualified

The CIA decided I was unable to return to duty with or without accommodations. No other explanation was provided and I received no documentation from their Employee Appeals Panel who made the ultimate decision to uphold the Deputy Director of Security and Personnel Evaluation Board’s initial decision to revoke my security clearance and access approvals.

The government constantly bemoans the lack of qualified minority personnel to fill their core positions and uses this as an excuse for the lack of representation within the highest ranks of government by minority and women. My resume demonstrates I am not only qualified as a woman, minority, and person with a disability; I am simply qualified and arguable more qualified than most of my peers regardless of gender, race, or any other classification scheme used by the Government. I do not “play the race card (or for that matter gender/disability) ” but to steal a quote from Al Sharpton, “they set the deck.”
See the links to my CIA approved and cleared resume below:
I am not sure what else I am supposed to do to “qualify” for a CIA position. Of course, I am ambitious and these qualities in a minority woman with a disability were considered delusional by the CIA’s psychiatric and security apparatus. Further, I had the audacity not to consent to “treatment” with antipsychotic medications, despite the fact that Dr. L stated during our one and only session together that he had counseled CIA Chiefs of Station (COS) and Deputy Chiefs of Station (DCOS).
For those unfamiliar with CIA lingo, COS is the head of a CIA Station (overseas or domestic) and everything goes through this man or woman in his or her Area of Responsibility. This is a senior position and at the top of the food chain in the field. These are the men and women counseled by Dr. L…The CIA psychologist Dr. U informed me before my appointment (when I protested to her CIA’s requirement that I go to their doctors and not a psychiatrist of my choosing for reevaluation) with Dr. L in early December of 2009 that Dr. L had been working with the CIA for over 20 years.
Less than one month after meeting with Dr. L, I met with psychiatrist Dr. N at CIA Headquarters. Dr. N gave me three options from the CIA’s Clinical Review Board:
1. Return to Dr. L
2. Medical Disability Retirement
3. Resign from the CIA
CIA Office of Medical Services (OMS) final report from me provides several reasons for me being found unfit for duty, including: my family’s psychiatric history, my refusal to take antipsychotic medications, and my “inappropriate behavior.” The report was signed by multiple OMS doctors and formed the basis of the Clinical Review Boards judgment that I was unfit for duty.
Post Script: The doctors in this post are referred to by the last initials of their last names because their identities are state secrets.