Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Voice Mail Recordings

These files include recordings of voice mails left by my former CIA Case Officer Ms. Sheila Hall, CIA Office of Medical Services Chief of Daily Operations Dr. Sally Ann Urbanczyk, PhD and CIA Psychiatrist Dr. Mary Elizabeth Newman, M.D.

CIA Staff subjected me to repeated harassing phone calls throughout my termination process. When I did not answer, CIA Staff left voice mails. I purchased a Sony IC voice recorder to make a record of CIA voice mails for future reference. CIA staff called me many more times than this sample of voice mails indicate. CIA placed me on administrative leave, thus I was often available to answer my cell phone when CIA called.
The first file is a static file, test I made on Sony IC voice recorder. Click on highlighted file, download to your computer and play with audio player on your computer. Comment or contact me if you have any issues accessing files.