My Private Doctors Deemed Unqualified by Central Intelligence Agency

CIA’s Office of Medical Services, Office of Security, Special Activities Staff, Personnel Evaluation Board and Employee Appeals Panel deemed my doctors unqualified and rejected their assessments of my health condition, ability for work, and fitness for duty.

Here is a complete list of my doctors and the approximate time I have been (or was) seeing them.
1. Julia Frank, M.D., Psychiatrist ~ 2 years
2. Jean Gearon, Ph.D., Psychologist ~ 1 year plus (last visit Fall 2011)
3. Ruben Cintron, M.D. , Neurologist ~ 2+ years
4. Catherine Pipan, M.D., Primary Care Physician (Post Car Accident) ~2+ years
5. Vanessa Peyton, M.D., Primary Care Physician (Pre Car Accident) ~2+ years
None of my doctors reported or diagnosed me as having Psychosis Not Otherwise Specified before or following my car accident. CIA staff, including the most senior levels of CIA leadership ignored my doctors’ assessments, terminated my employment and security clearance for “psychological conditions.”